Market research & analysis

Based on our extensive knowledge of the international education sector, our research and analysis services will enable schools and universities to collect insight from their peers and assess market practice and international standards.

Market intelligence & competitor analysis

Sector benchmarking and competition analysis will help to define your market positioning and get valuable information on your competitors’ unique selling points.

  • market sizing & sector trends
  • competition benchmarking & insights
  • market positioning and analysis

Curricula or programme benchmarking

Whether you are in charge of a school or a university, you sometimes need to reassess the educational content offered by your institution. We can help with a strategic analysis of potential diplomas, and customize a complete mapping of skills and competencies based on competition study.

  • review of competitive curricula or programmes
  • comparative analysis of diplomas (local and international)
  • review of language learning policies

comparative analysis of operational structure

Best practices and international standards will enable your institution to be on a par with competition for the structure of your operations.

  • policies & procedures
  • organisational structures & governance models
  • fee growth & pricing assessment

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