Market positioning & communication

Increasing or maintaining the student numbers in your school remains critical to the financial sustainability of your organisation. This can be achieved through a deep analysis of enrolment and retention trends, a regular monitoring of the parents or students’ feedback and an efficient communication strategy.

Admissions advisory

Analysing the student numbers in your school can provide valuable insight on the conversion rate between pre-registration and admission, the retention rate of existing pupils, and the potential for growth. This review may also unveil a possible concern that would require immediate action.

  • Catchment and profiling analysis
  • Historic trend review
  • Enrolment potential analysis

Client survey & demand analysis

We have helped hundreds of schools to interpret parents’ perspectives. Regular surveys are recommended to identify possible issues with your client base and your staff and to check if remediation actions have brought satisfaction.

  • Moderation of focus group & workshops
  • Design of survey format and questions
  • Assessment of demand & scale

Outreach strategy & branding

Your target audience should be reassessed on a regular basis to adapt the marketing, branding and communication strategies accordingly. Our team can help to assess the impact of your external messages and narrative.

  • Key client targets assessment
  • Review of marketing strategies vs competition
  • Communication strategies and branding identity

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