Leadership consulting

Turenne Consulting is regularly consulted by clients wishing to develop the skills of their school leaders or governing body. The programme is centred on strategic aspects of the organisation.

strategic planning assessment

Our dedicated experts can facilitate discussions with your senior leadership team and governors to develop your thinking and strategic planning. We can seed those discussions with sector trends or bespoke research for your school and its competitors.  We can help you frame the key questions, as well as find the most essential answers of all: “what sort of school do we want to be in the future? and “how can we get there?”

  • brainstorming and workshop facilitation
  • co-creation of mission statement, values and strategic vision
  • drafting of strategic plan guidelines

organisational audit

Our role can focus on assessing the efficiency of an organisational structure by challenging the reporting lines, the staffing allocation, and the job descriptions. With years of continuous expansion, you may wish to optimise the level of resources, reassess the levels of responsibilities, and move towards a lean structure.

  • review of senior leadership team
  • analysis of resources allocation
  • assessment of organisational flow-chart and reporting lines

governance strategy

Strong and effective governance means that school or university governors must have a deep understanding of the organisation’s vision, ethos and strategy. They must demonstrably provide effective monitoring and oversight of every aspect of school life. Turenne Consulting has been involved in setting up boards of governors, appointing trustees and keeping them aware of their duties. We can help you to keep track of the new regulatory demands that have emerged in recent years for school governors and senior leadership teams.

  • roles & responsibilities
  • self-evaluation and effective development planning
  • compliance and inspection readiness

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