Financial review & strategic assessment

If, in the context of a valuation for an acquisition or as part of a regular strategic assessment of your school, you are looking for a full financial and organisational screening to  identify the potential for growth, we can assure you that you will, like other clients, value Turenne Consulting for its discretion and efficiency.

cost optimisation advisory

An informed focus on costs can generate savings without compromising on the core features of your school’s offering. Our team has years of experience in this field.

  • cost structure analysis
  • review of organisational structure
  • financial restructuring strategy

revenue generation analysis

When it comes to improving revenues and cash, we will commit to delivering an extensive analysis of tuition fees and profiling of admissions together with the associated trends over a period of time. This should identify potential gaps or inadequacies.

  • historic fee analysis & pricing assessment
  • admissions advisory & demand analysis
  • cash & margin management

growth potential assessment

The final stage of this strategic assessment should unveil the areas where your institution could grow in size, value and profitability.

  • market positioning and competitive analysis
  • curriculum & fee strategy
  • governance advisory

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