Crisis management & sustainability plan

When faced with exceptional circumstances, you can count on our dedicated programme to rescale infrastructure, optimise resource allocation, and build robust strategic planning to secure financial stability and eventually emerge stronger on the other side. 

strategic audit

As a board of governors, you may first need a thorough financial analysis of your school and review both management and governance bodies.

  • cost structure & revenue generation analysis
  • full financial review & forecast analysis
  • review of organisational structure & governance

internal restructuring & financial stability plan

Successful turnaround strategies need to be tailored to each organisation, and Turenne Consulting’s extensive knowledge of the education sector will provide critical insight for this delicate assignment.

  • resource reallocation & cost optimisation
  • financial restructuring including asset disposal & estate management
  • cash & revenue management

recovery strategy

The final step of this turnaround plan relies on a rebound phase, and we will design a set of recommendations to improve budget forecasts and lead your institution out of the crisis.

  • curriculum and fee strategy
  • admissions advisory & communication
  • change management

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