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New French school opening in Montenegro

The French European School of Podgorica (EFEP) opened on 3 September 2018 thanks to the support of Turenne Consulting throughout the planning and preparation stages.

Until now Montenegro was the last country in the Balkans and one of the few in Europe where no official French school was open to French, national and international families.
The teaching is in accordance with the official programs of the French National Education.
The school has decided to use France’s official national curriculum and French as the main language of teaching. Additionally, English and Montenegrin will be taught alongside French at all levels. A fourth language (German or Italian) will be introduced at secondary school level (in accordance with the French national curriculum) thus strengthening the school’s European ethos.
EFEP aims at educating future European citizens and promote European cultures as well as a deep understanding of the “global village” and diversity at large.

To find out more, please visit the school’s official website.

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