Case Studies

Other projects – Education

An international French school was facing declining enrolment as well as challenging loan instalments associated with the purchase of their premises. Turenne Consulting was appointed to audit the school, which included reviewing its cost structure for optimisation, and assessing the admissions strategy to increase outreach and revenues. In addition, Turenne Consulting managed to refinance its loan, thus lowering its instalments and reducing financial pressure on the school budget.

A large French school in Europe asked Turenne Consulting to advise on their strategic planning and governance model. Turenne Consulting acted as facilitator in the governors’ brainstorming and provided a comprehensive competition analysis.

An ambitious school founder asked Turenne Consulting to advise him on his growth strategy in order to replicate his school model in other countries. Comprehensive market research mapped out the best worldwide locations to set up the school branches according to multiple criteria, and a feasibility study was also prepared for the shortlisted cities.

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