Case Studies

EM Normandie Oxford

EM Normandie was created in 1871 and provides business education to 4,000 students and professionals around the world, with campuses in Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford and Dublin.

student association creation

To better welcome a growing student population at their Oxford campus, EM Normandie decided to invest in non-academic life and get its students involved in clubs they would run. Turenne Consulting was asked to help them set up a non-profit student association. The design of the governance strategy was key to ensure that the students would feel committed whilst the link to the school management would be preserved.


Brexit ushered in a period of uncertainty for many foreign higher education institutions at a time when demand for Bachelor’s degrees in the United Kingdom kept growing. EM Normandie asked Turenne Consulting to help maintain their Oxford campus once the United Kingdom leaves the EU. Turenne Consulting outlined various types of accreditation which would secure their future in Oxford and allow them to grow in the future.

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